The Power of The Purified life

(2timothy2:21; 2corinthians 7:1; 1 timothy 1:5; James 4:8; 1peter 2:22 1john3:3; Hebrew 9:13-14)

God in his supremacy and in all the scriptures places high premium on purity and holiness. The purified life is radiant. The purified life manifests itself in the perfect love towards God and men (1john 4:18). It emboldens the believer in an exalted position of effective witness in the community making a positive difference. The believer is able to excise a conscience void of offence towards God and men. It permits boldness in persecution and ensures victory during trails and temptation (dan 6:22, proverbs 28:1). The believer through his life, challenges the world by his conduct, conversation and character. The blood of Jesus enables constant cleansing bringing a closer walk with God.