The Power of the Holyspirit

Acts1:8; Micah3:8; Luke4:18-19; Acts 4:31-33; 6:1-3; 10:38; luke11:13

To accomplish and become everything God has equipped the church is through the Holy Spirit who is the resident power on earth. God fulfils his purpose in the church through men and women who are filled to saturation with the power and fullness of the HolySpirit. The Holy spirit enables the believer to operate at a spiritual level higher than the natural or common place. It enables us to be the best instrument of service in God’s hand and to channel blessings to others around us. To receive the Holy spirit, you need to ask in faith, expecting God to fulfil his promise. God is willing to fill you with the power of the holy spirit of God. Please pray this prayer: Holy Spirit of God fill my life and empower me in Jesus name. I receive and acknowledge your presence by faith and I manifest your power as i pray in the spirit in faith knowing that you will fill me with the language of heaven in Jesus name. Thank you heavenly father in Jesus name; amen.


On the 10-01-10-; In the place of prayer, God led me to write this confession in my prayer journal and I hope it blesses you richly; Never again will I have any cause to run from the enemy. The lord has made me ten times stronger than my adversaries. The Spirit of if I die, I die is what took me into taking my spiritual identity in Christ Jesus. I refuse to run in the midst of adversity, however I walk confidently out of every challenge and God is backing me up. I know who I am in Christ Jesus. It cost Him his blood on the cross to set me free and deliver me from the snares of the fowler. Jesus paid it all such that I am priceless. I am God’s righteousness in Christ Jesus. I have the incorruptible seed of God in me which makes it impossible for me to sin. I have a spiritual identity which is a flame of divine fire, no weapon fashioned against me can ever prosper.

God is whom I labour for, He has me well covered. He truly cares for me and perfects everything that concerns me. God is with me like a mighty warrior. His angels surrounds me day and night. I cannot backslide because the angels of God watch my feet such that it does not dash against a stone.

I am totally delivered from the powers of darkness. I can never be oppressed, afflicted or depressed. God is at work in my life and his grace is more than able to deliver me and keep me walking in his divine purpose.

Through his grace and abundance of his power, daily I am being illuminated through the holy spirit. I am constantly reminded that I am more than a conqueror. I have the ability to do anything because i am God’s workmanship. God does everything through me as his vessel of honour, so i do not trust my ability rather I trust God’s ability to wrought mighty deeds in the name of his son Jesus Christ.

I do not lie because the truth lives in me and has taken residence in my life. I am fully possessed by the holy spirit. He prompts me and counsels me. He keeps me refreshed at all times. I do not know what discouragement stands for. I am strengthened in the inner man. My gaze is fixed on God who helps me at all times. My spirit is stirred up when i pray to the father in the spirit, he understands what i say although my understanding is futile. Thank you Lord for all your wonderful benefits.