As Apostle Ezinne prayed towards the commissioning and releasing people into their purpose, The Lord said to her to pray over oil for everyone, the healing grace upon her life will be transferred to as many who she prays, annoint and commission. ” 10 days ago, Jan19th 2019, the last day of the Conference, I rec’d a text during one of the sessions from My Mother advising my Aunt was placed on Life Support. Moms text read “Emergency, they put Kathy on Life Support- Come!” And when I saw it in my Spirit I saw it as a distraction. Then on the morning break, in the bathroom at The Hotel, I said “Lord, am I to go? I dont think Im to go and see this as a distraction to what You have for me.” Then I thought, is that selfish? I had Peace from the time I read the text, I did not feel inclined to go. To think of what I would have missed- The Commissioning and even the Prayer over the oil we rec’d from Apostle Ezinne, The Lord said “Today as soon as you leave here, you will use it.” Then we proceeded even to dinner as a group. I went by the hospital, and annointed my Aunt from her head to her feet & prayed over her. Three days later- Tues. 1/22 she got up!!! 🙌🏽 and was breathing on her own. Glory Be To God, yesterday evening she was discharged to go home! I Thank God that I stayed & Obeyed. Just to think “if” I would have reacted and left that conference…..but HE said Not So! This is Your Time, this is For You, This is What I spoke to you even as as the year came to an end. Miracles, Signs and Wonders to perform. His Peace truly Surpasses all understanding. Glory Be To God for The Great things HE has Done!