Prayer Jumpstart Virtual Bootcamp 2021

Face of Joy International UK presents Virtual Prayer Jumpstart Bootcamp, 7th-9th January 2021.
Whilst in a place of prayer, the Spirit of God spoke to me to gather women worldwide🌐 and specifically showed me the women of God in their office of intercession He desired to anchor and create a shift through prayers. This is a move of God so clear your calendars and plug 🔌 in.
It is a 3day free Bootcamp for Revival, Restoration and Vindication. It is an atmosphere for prophetic prayer and healing. Let’s get the Church back on their knees for Our God answers prayer.
Theme is : For Such A Time like This: Esther 4:14
Join our Prolific Speakers and Prayer leads
Dr Kellie Agueze, Founder Warrior Nation USA 🇺🇸
Pastor Cora Jakes-Coleman, Founder Ferocious Warrior USA 🇺🇸
Apostle Ezinne Ijeoma, Founder Face of Joy International UK 🇬🇧
Worship by Testimony Joe, UK
There will be an avalanche of Miracles, signs and wonders. Salvation of souls and deliverance from every bandage.
[ ] Healing school with Apostle Ezinne Ijeoma is free but by invitation only on Zoom so you must email for details and reservations.
This program will be streamed live on Facebook and YouTube
To register and get details for healing school or send your prayer requests, email
Streaming platforms
Apostle Ezinne Ijeoma TV
For more information visit
Apostle Ezinne Ijeoma.
@cjakescoleman @prayerjumpstart