Prayer Jumpstart

There is an epidemic of prayerlessness amongst Christians today. There are Christians especially new converts who desire to pray but lack clarity on what to do or say in prayer. This book is a practical guide that makes prayer a lifestyle. It dispels the different myths that beclouds people who seek to find God’s will for their lives in prayer bit find prayer boring and distant. This book is a treasure masterpiece that encases the heavenly art of praying.

This book covers topics like, why people find prayer boring, importance of prayer, prayer posture, types of prayer, the different names of Jesus, different names of God with scriptural references to help the believer deepen their understanding of the beauty and joys of prayer.

Prayer Jumpstart provides foundational truth about prayer for every Christian. It gives guides on how to receive the baptism of the Holyspirit and how to pray in the Spirit. The Struggle surrounding praying in tongues is dealt with in this book. Included is a 30day fasting and prayer manual to encourage churches, Christians at any level to pray, meditate on the Word of God, and grow in faith. The prayer points outlined cover healing, deliverance, spiritual growth and prosperity. This book is a must tool for anyone who engages in evangelism, preaching and teaching the scripture as a consistent use of this book would lead to a victorious prayer life.

This book will nurture young Christians and help older Christians to rebuild, quicken and sustain a vibrant prayer life.

Thank you so much for joining us to pray at Facebook/prayer Jumpstart. I trust you have been blessed. God desires that we all come together to pray to him who has the power to change every situation. Prayerlessness is on the rise and many are being harrassed by situations. I pray God will help us to keep burning prayerfully in Jesus name. You can connect with me via my page or send your prayer requests to

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