Mission statement

Apostle Ezinne Ijeoma has an interdenominational mandate upon her life to set the captives free from all manner of oppression of the Devil. God has called this ministry to fill in the gap where the body of Christ needs are unmet. That is why you would never see this ministry compare, condemn or compete with other churches; rather we compliment and support churches all over the world. God tells us where he needs us and we simply become his instruments of change, restoration and harvest. This is a doing ministry so you don’t need a title to do God’s work. All the requirements is simple obedience. We bring Joy to the nations through simple Obedience. Nothing else but obedience to the scripture and what God says. We are a praying and intercessory ministry. We love and engage in global missions, Evangelism, we are extremely bold, we have a clear identity of who we are in Christ Jesus and the position of the Holy spirit for fulfilment of our mandate and lives. We believe in living the God kind of lifestyle and in this place we are UNASHAMED. If this interests you and your friends and family why not join us and become a partaker of this life of Joy.

Our Strategy on Missions

Most African Nations depend on the church for its supply. The church is always the first port of call for the disadvantaged. The church has an up to date information to locate those who are in need.

Our Mission trips takes within 10 to 14days normally.

We are hosted by a local church. We also spend a day with the government house listening to the plight and seeing what actions we can take to provide supply to their needs.

We always have medical outreach which include taking blood pressure, Diabetes testing, Oral dental care and health promotion teaching for medical staff within the areas we visit. We tend to liaise with the local hospitals and visit them, where possible help in stocking up their medical supplies.

We encourage doctors, Nurses, dermatologist and healthcare assistants to join us in volunteering during our medical outreach days.

Also any Christian who desires to be part of the mission field is welcomed to join us during out trip because there would be open air crusades and evangelism outreaches in towns and villages where there would be opportunity to lay hands on the sick, the blind and all manner of ailments and they would receive their healing. New converts would be directed to the local church available for follow-up and support.

We also visit widows, orphanages and schools and provide them with money, school items and clothes. In some orphanages we help in the cooking of the food and serve the children

Mental institutions are places we visit and provide information and training for their staff and personnel.