Healing School

Healing School with Apostle Ezinne

Healing School is a place where the Word of God is taught, and the sick are set free and healed. No matter the disease or circumstances, the Word promises that healing is children’s bread meaning it is your right to be healed by God. God had already made provisions for your healing through the abundant life Jesus paid for with his blood. We have Healing ministers who work alongside with the Apostle and have been imparted by the Apostle to be sensitive and flow with the Spirit of God. And based on God’s Word, our expectation is that every person will be healed by the power of God.

How we run Healing School session?

Morning Healing School covers faith, healing, and other vital subjects. Teaching is coupled with one-on-one prophetic counselling and ministration. Those who attend benefit from an up-close, personal touch. They can ask questions, and be ministered to by the Spirit, and helped with specific needs.

Afternoon sessions include praise and worship, teaching, and preaching. Like morning Healing School, afternoon Healing School is geared to help those who attend receive their healing—now!

How much does it cost to attend Healing School?

Healing School is offered free of charge.

Who can attend Healing School?

Morning sessions of Healing School are open only to the sick and those who accompany them. Afternoon sessions are open to the general public.

When is Healing School held?

Healing School runs worldwide at specific locations as the lord leads his Apostle, see events and itinerary for more information. There are morning and afternoon sessions throughout the duration of the healing school. These meetings are open only to people in need of healing and those who are with them. Evening sessions are crusades and prayer meetings which are open to the public.

How long should I come for?

Each Healing School runs in a city or Nation for a minimum of 3 to 5days, the morning session is specifically targeted to help you receive your healing; we encourage you to come for as many days as possible.

Can I come for several weeks at different locations?

Yes. There is no limit to how long you may attend the Healing School.

Since morning Healing School is only for the sick and those who need healing, can someone come with me?

Yes. Anyone who comes with you may also attend Healing School.

How much does it cost to register and how do I register?

Registration is free and you need to register to attend the Healing School as spaces fill up fast depending on our locations and venue budget. Please register with the link below.

Do you provide accommodation?

No. People who attend Healing School must obtain their own lodging and transportation. There are several hotels close to every venue where you can stay while you are here.

Faith is now! You no longer need to suffer in sickness anymore, Jesus paid the ultimate price. to accommodate your total deliverance at the healing school. keep in touch, join our mailing list online and invite your loved ones to be healed of every incurable diseases! Acts 13:2 “While they were worshiping the Lord and fasting, the Holy Spirit said, “Set apart for me Barnabas and Saul for the work to which I have called them”. I’m excited about your healing and your testimonies.