Online donation

Please pray and ask God before you donate to this ministry.
Proverbs 28:27: He that gives to the poor will lack nothing…
Proverbs 21:26 …but the righteous give without sparing.
Proverbs 22:9 A generous man will himself be blessed, for he shares his food with the poor.

God spoke clearly that he desires that we feed the hungry, the poor and help the needy. This ministry in partnership with Face of Joy International Charity conducts outreach spheres round the globe. We are committed to travel to be a face of joy to single parents, orphanages in Africa and sponsor families experiencing famines in Sudan and war torn countries.

We also offer counselling, help pay rent for homeless families and those out of work until they find jobs.

This year in Kenya we reached orphanage by donating generously to their needs. With your financial support, we hope to build a home with school facilities for these children, providing books and clothing for them. As you sponsor our outreaches; we make a difference. Remember that you are part of this mission to create joy in people who may not know you but someday in heaven will walk up to you and say thank you for making a difference

Our mission in the UK is to support the international global work for the poor in African countries and Asia. We do whatever it takes to make a lasting difference to the poor. In everything we do, the most disadvantaged Nations and community is our priority.

We feed the Homeless four times a week in our London office, providing them with hot meals, clothings, counselling and advice. Your donation will help to keep this project going.